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The essence of beauty lies in nature

The canon of beauty  

Over the centuries, the ideal of female body and beauty has dynamically changed. No one will deny that culture, social movements and political changes had an influence on woman perception and what was most beautiful in her. Rubens’ shapes, Marlin Monroe’s full lips or Rita Hayworth’s fit and trim body are just examples of it. In ancient times lush eyebrows and long lashes were formula for beauty, whereas in 1950s they were prominent red lips or in 1960s emphasized eyes.

No matter how the word prettyhas changed, a well-groomed complextion has alaways been the quintessence of attractiveness. Even from a biological point of view, someone with a radiant smooth complexion is more attractive to the human eye. Since the dawn of time, not only the women knew how to take care of their beauty. It is worth noting that beyond health and beauty, a skin care was also a religious ritual in the past. This shows how important procedure it was. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that preparations for care and makeup did not immediately resemble today’s advanced technology. Nevertheless, over the years, we are slowly returning to the past, relying on what nature has given us. 

Back to nature 

In recent years, we have seen a kind of society rebel againts the constant pursuit to perfection. Our consciousness is growing and we prefer naturalness and psychophysical health instead of perfection. Natural means right to nature and accordance with its laws. Nature has always given us everything the best unselfishly.

Our customerClochee, a manufacturer of natural cosmetics rich in active substances, mainly derived from plants since the very beginning of its existing, places importance on nature. The company uses fruit, flowers and herbs extracts as well as plants oils, vegetables, trees and nuts essence in its formulas. That is why, each Clochee cosmetic has a natural power of skin hydration, rejuvenation and moisture and additionally can be used by vegans and vegetarians. Clochee is a Polish company which manufactures according to European Union standards  

Beauty recipe 

What happens before the favourite Clochee product gets into our hands? It is insightfully dermatologically and microbiologically tested. Each batch undergoes a series of inspections. Clochee uses certified active ingredients to be sure what plantations they come from, how they were grown, harvested and processed. The world of plants in our country is rich in very effective active substances.  Among Clochee products you can find such treasures as beet extract, Baltic Sea algae or apple stem cells.

The company boldly use exotic in the form of green tea, shea butter, myrtle leaves, or cinnamon. Every formula has to be tested before the final product is marketed. Each new mass should be subjected to aging tests in order to eliminate possible formulation errors in th bud.

A drying oven helps to work on this field. Thanks to it, we can observe if the creative work of creating a formula is done correctly, in much faster time or we can start preparing futher samples qucikly enough in case of failure. Owing to such process, there is a possibility to share cosmetic news earlier knowing that the final product that reaches the customer is stable and will keep its healthful properties throughout its shelf life. 

Drying oven on guard of the formula 

Clochee laboratory is equipped with drying oven with natural air circulation produced by POL-EKO-APARATURA. A drying oven is a specialized unit with a heating system that allows to maintain a temperature higher than ambient temperature (maximum 300°C).

The mentioned thermostatic device is used in Clochee laboratory to conduct aging tests and doubtlessly it is a basic and essential unit in a cosmetics research laboratory. The oven is often used for incubation. Products stability and compatibility are tested in the drying oven. Both short and long-term mass stability research, as well as mass-packaging compatibility tests, are conducted in the unit. When performing tests, Clochee checks and confirms the mass stability of laboratory sample and the mass of the pilot production batch. Additionally, the stability of the modified mass is checked and confirmed if any changes in the formula are necessary. Thanks to this, it is easy to determine the parameters and their ranges in technical specifications of the final product or set appropriate storage conditions and expiration date of finished product.

Research conducted in the drying oven helps to determine the product variability over time and check if the product meets the intended physical, chemical and microbiological quality standards if it is  stored in appropriate conditions recommended by manufacturer. Oven testing also helps to verify if the packaging is properly selected for the cosmetic mass.  

Demanding customer 

Is a drying oven a unit that allows to improve your product? Yes! Every care product is created individually. Intensively working raw cosmetic market offers more and more new and interesting raw materials, active substances, emulsifiers and other auxiliary substances which create wonderful consistencies.

Clochee creates more and more sophisticated formulas to meet the most demanding customers expectations and help to care about the most demanding skin. The quality of their products is confirmed by constantly growing number of customers who trust the natural recipes of Clochee cosmetics.

Clochee appreciates the high quality of our brand drying oven. Its big advantage is a solid made controller that is very intuitive and easy to use. It is a great importance that demanding customer is also a satisfied customer, and we, as POL-EKO-APARATURA, can confirm the high quality of Clochee products to which we made a contribution 

Magdalena Figura- Łyżwa

Magdalena Figura- Łyżwa

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