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New SMART functionalities

At the beginning of 2021, we added a new update of SMART controllers. Due to the fact that not everyone had the opportunity to test new functionalities (devices with the new update are delivered from January 2021) I decided to write a bit about them. This article is  “must read” for distributors, customers and anyone interested in purchasing our brand’s products. Prepare a cup of your favorite drink and sit comfortably – I would like to introduce:


Logging in with a card, key, NFC – the new update allows you to log in to the device using a card, key ring or device with the NFC function. It is a response to the inquiries of our distributors who have signaled such a demand. Thank you for your support and help in developing our products! (option available for SMART PRO, additionally payable).

Signal column – this function also applies to the SMART PRO controller (additionally payable). The idea itself was taken from our non-standard devices. Taking into account numerous inquiries, we decided to introduce this option as part of the regular offer. The signal column consists of three light signals (red, green, yellow) and an acoustic signal (5 selectable signals).

The signal column can be freely programmed at the production stage.

Monitoring cameras – the possibility of observing the working surface of the chamber using a camera system (extra paid option, only for SMART PRO). The installed hardware is automatically detected and requires no configuration. Access to the camera window is possible through the top drop-down menu. It is also possible to view cameras via the integral Lab Desk application.

Extended possibilities of the Quick program – added sliders allow for quick change of parameters without entering the menu:

– temperature
– fan
– humidity
– flap

Screen lock – parameterization in the PANEL window. Available settings: off, 5min, 15min, 30min, 60min.

Components replacement message – displayed when the working limit of component is exceeded. The message is displayed when the component is exceeded for the first time and every time when device is starting. Additionally a yellow warning triangle is displayed all the time in the main window. The working time of each of the components is stored in the database and also every 10 minutes. archived in the display controller memory. In the service and production menu, you can reset the operating time and date of components replacing.

Support for error codes via https://smart4lab.eu  – the alarm screen has been equipped with additional QR codes. Using a smartphone you can easily and clearly check what a given code means and what have to be done to fix an alarm/error.

In addition to the above-described functionalities, in the SMART controllers you will also find new language options (Spanish and French), changes in e-mail reports (taking into account the time zone), the ability to set humidity with an accuracy of 0.1% (for devices with this function), several visual improvements and a number of improvements supporting the operation of the entire system. So now… I would like to invite you to check it all directly on the devices. For those who already had this opportunity – I would like to invite to set a comment and share your impressions 😊.

Maciej Lebioda

Maciej Lebioda

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