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Medicines don’t like high temperatures

This year’s spring did not herald a sunny summer. Fortunately, the fear was over and we can enjoy the real summer with lots of sunshine, and temperatures often exceeding 30 degrees. We remember about suncream, headgear and proper hydration. We do not forget about our pets and water for them, we take care of a lighter diet and proper storage of food, but do we remember that medicines do not like high temperatures and also need proper storage in the summer?

Each medication has a safe temperature range written on the package exactly at which it should be stored. Most often on the label, we can meet with the notation:

“Store in a dry place out of sunlight:

  • at temp. to 25°C (i. e. implicitly in the 15-25°C range);

  • at room temperature – is 15/18 to 25°C;

  • refrigerated at 10-15°C;

  • store in a refrigerator, i. e. , at 2-8°C”

Thermolabile drugs deserve special attention here. They are characterized by high sensitivity to temperature change in the environment. The reason is the active substances contained in medicines, which undergo decomposition under the influence of temperature or change their form, e. g. suppositories or globules. Thermolabile preparations include, among others, vaccines or insulins.

How to store medicines at home?

It is easy to conclude that proper storage of medicines during hot weather at home is very important. Except that only a few of us remember that. This is because high ambient temperatures can dangerously alter the properties of drugs, making them dangerous to our health. So try to find the coolest place in the house, in a closed cupboard close to the floor with no access to sunlight and adequate childproofing. Let’s also remember the so-called cold chain when we buy medicines. For example, it is worth getting a thermal bag, which can be easily purchased at a pharmacy and safely transport the drug home. Take care not to leave medication in a hot car.

Temperature and drugs in pharmacies and hospitals

While we are on the subject of pharmacies, it is worth asking how drugs are stored before we buy them or take them while in the hospital? Especially when we buying medicine, we hope that it is safe for us and has not changed its properties through bad storage. In pharmacies and hospitals, medicines are usually stored in air-conditioned rooms, so elevated temperatures do not threaten them. Medicines that like lower temperatures are stored in appropriate medical refrigerators. The question is, what about medicines that should be kept at room temperature up to 25 degrees when the weather is hot and the pharmacy or hospital has no air conditioning? We’re running with a solution – COOLED INCUBATOR. Someone will ask, why a cooled incubator? The answer is simple.

Cooled incubator – solution for pharmacies and hospitals

ST is a device that allows you to maintain temperature regardless of the ambient temperature – it can both cool and heat its contents. Its temperature range is from 3°C to 40°C, with the possibility of extending it to 70°C. The incubator is a universal device that solves the problem we are considering. You can safely put medications that require a temperature of 15°C and those with a range up to 25°C into it. A cooled incubator is better than an air-conditioned room because it allows for proper storage of each type of drug – something air-conditioning does not. Let us also admit openly – not all hospitals in Poland are air-conditioned.

POL-EKO-APARATURA offers 10 models of cooled incubators with capacities from 70 to 1450 liters. An interesting solution is multi-chamber devices (2 or 3 chambers). We can then easily connect 2 or 3 cooled incubators together. An interesting proposition would be a combination of a laboratory refrigerator or a laboratory freezer. The ideal prescription for drug storage will be a combination of a lab refrigerator and a cooled incubator.

Such a device will be versatile and will properly store any kind of medicine. Cooled incubator have forced air circulation which is an additional advantage for the stored load. Choosing a device with a full door additionally protects the load against the access of light

It is important that all cabinets have the option of lockable doors. The advantage of our laboratory equipment is the controllers. We can choose between Smart or Smart PRO versions. Both panels are color and touch-sensitive. They have a lot of interesting features that make it easier to work and use the device. Among others, it is worth mentioning the Alarm Bar function, which visually and audibly informs about the status of the device. Quick Change allows you to quickly change parameters and Quick Program allows you to quickly start a program. The controllers record all events and signal any abnormalities.

In addition to heat and sunshine, summer often brings with it the risk of violent storms that can lead to power outages. For such situations, we also have a solution in the form of data logger RT, which will inform by text message about power failure, which will make the drugs additionally secured.

Health first

Above all, we value our health. It’s worth considering how we store medicines at home and what it looks like at our favorite pharmacy where we stock up. It is worth doing a review of the home first aid kit and changing its location to a more appropriate one for the summertime. Fortunately, today’s world gives us many solutions to stay safe and healthy. There is nothing left to do but enjoy the sunny summer in peace.

Magdalena Figura- Łyżwa

Magdalena Figura- Łyżwa

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