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“10 reasons why you should choose POL-EKO devices” – Part I

Every morning, somewhere in the world, someone has to choose. Every day, somewhere in the world, someone has a very difficult decision to make. First, to check the information, then to check opinions. Many hours later someone has to ask – “Did I collected all the data?” and once he’s sure he knows everything, he takes the first step. The first step to a new job, the first step to change habits, the first step to quit smoking, the first step to make a purchasing decision. As for the first three, it is a bit clearer. For work, you need to start with your “Resume”. Changing habits is often about setting certain rules, reflecting on yourself. Quitting smoking is a very individual matter, but it is worth noting that the best help in the fight against addiction is appropriate motivation. But getting to the heart of the matter. What about purchasing decisions? On what basis do we make them? What prompts us to choose “this” specific product? So many people, so many opinions, so we are drowning in a swamp of dilemmas and whispered hints in our ear, from left to right. How to choose wisely? I guess the answer to that question is common sense. In the maze of information that floods us every day, each new comment becomes less certain. We should search for real data, browse authorized websites and not get caught in the trap of keyboard experts. To meet the expectations of those who are thinking about choosing our POL-EKO brand, I decided to summarize our REAL, REAL advantages in a few sentences. I would like to introduce you to:

“10 reasons why you should choose POL-EKO devices”

So why do I think our price is a good price? Mainly due to the assumptions prevailing in POL-EKO. Sales are to ensure the continuity of production and the possibility of the company’s development, but most importantly, it is to make the customer, after the purchase, with full awareness, can say – “it’s money well spent”. Almost every product in our offer has several versions and variants. This allows for a wide selection and the ability to adjust the device to your budget and probably because of that when I ask customers why they chose our brand they answer: “POL-EKO is quality at an attractive price”. Balance is the key.

2. Quality – that’s right… a few words about quality. As described by the Greek philosopher Plato, quality is a kind of perfection. Quality is also about reliability, durability, practicality, functionality and safety.

4. Assortment – What can be found in the POL-EKO offer? The flagship products of our company are, of course, thermostatic devices such as: laboratory refrigerators, laboratory incubators, climatic chambers and sterilizers, thermostatic cabinets and freezers. We also produce laboratory furniture and fume hoods, but that’s not all. We are also a distributor of temperature meters and recorders. We manufacture ozone generators and laboratory shakers. POL-EKO also includes drainage stations, hydromats and sampling devices. We work with an accredited POL-EKO LAB laboratory, we design meat ripening chambers, conduct training and provide maintenance services. This argument is probably strong enough 😊. The entire range of products is available at: https://www.pol-eko.com.pl/home-en/

5. Export goods – Yes! The POL-EKO brand is an export product, definitely! We are proud to say that we currently export goods to over 90 countries around the world.

Lots of clients have trusted us. We create and want to create long-term relationships in the country and beyond. Relationships based on friendly relations and cooperation. Is this the reason why you choose us? Yes of course! Why? Because such a good result of export sales should make you convinced that we meet the standards applicable all over the world – from north to south, from  west to  east.

Maciej Lebioda

Maciej Lebioda

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